To buy and sell in this market, you need to plan, commit, and execute.

If you need to buy and sell a home, you essentially have two options: You can buy first and sell later, or sell first and buy later. Both options have pros and cons. 

Either way you look at it, it’s called a tandem transaction. This means when you sell and buy the other house, you’ll probably close on that house on the same day, and you’ll have to ensure that everything is well-planned—for the movers, title company, buyer and seller, etc. There are a ton of moving pieces, which is great for me because it means I’m still relevant (😋). With my experience, I can help you minimize the stress involved because this is a super stressful situation. 

Think about it: If you can live in your current house, buy first, and sell later, you’re one of the lucky ones because you have the means to do this. If you’re not able to, though, you need an expert to guide you through this process. How would my team and I guide you through this process? We follow a three-step plan.

What’s the first step of our plan? Planning. We’d meet with you months in advance and discuss all of your options. We’d get you pre-approved with a bank (if necessary), have you talk to a financial advisor about your investment positions, and review the reason(s) you want to sell. 

For example, is it a matter of upsizing or downsizing? Is it because you have a new child on the way? Is it because of some other new change in your family? We’d make a plan for every scenario—but we can’t control everything all the time. 

“With my experience, I can help you minimize the stress involved.”

Think of it this way: A pilot en route to their destination has alternate routes they can take in case something happens. A pilot who’s trained thinks about where to land and where to go first for a safe landing (i.e., a safe closing). 

Once we have a plan in place, it’s time to pull the trigger and commit. You have to be committed to what we’re doing so that everything goes “according to plan.” Does it ever go according to plan? No, but that’s why you have me—to assemble the pieces of the puzzle and go to closing. 

Once we have a plan and we’re committed to it, it’s time to execute that plan. This is where I bring in the rest of my team. We have compliance professionals, transaction managers, and negotiation experts.

After following these steps, hopefully we get to the closing. As I said, it’s my job to ensure you don’t stress out too much. If you’re in good hands, then everything should be fine. There are always situations we won’t be able to control, but we do our best. 

I know you have a choice to work with any Realtor you like, but I’d be grateful if you worked with my team. We’ll do everything we can to make things perfect for you in this trying market. 

If you have questions about buying and selling in today’s market or there’s anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. As always, mi casa es su casa!