Here’s what it means when your home generates offers quickly.

There are two critical decisions a seller needs to make before putting their home on the market: choosing the right Realtor (that’s me, of course), and pricing the property correctly. That means doing a lot of research on the comparable properties in and around your area, taking into account not just recent sales, but also relevant properties that didn’t sell. 

“Multiple offers will drive the sale price up—in many cases, well beyond what we even thought it would be.”

If you price a property right, it should sell pretty quickly. If a home flies off the market, does that mean it was underpriced? No, it actually means it was priced right. If we price it too high, it’ll linger on the market and only become less and less attractive over time. If, by some chance, we do price the home too low, the saving grace is that we’ll generate more than one offer on it. Multiple offers will drive the sale price up—in many cases, well beyond what we even thought it would be. Technically, the ‘right price’ is whatever price the buyer and seller agree upon. 

So, if you want your property to sell quickly and for top dollar, you know who to list with. A quick sale doesn’t mean your home was underpriced, it means you’ve saved yourself from the hassle of more showings and avoided the stress that comes with extended time on the market. 

Lastly, I’d like to leave off on a note of congratulations: At 2:21 in the video above, check out the beautiful mountaintop home on Gunstock my client Jeff just purchased! Jeff, congratulations to you and your family on the amazing new home; enjoy everything the lakes region has to offer! 

If you have further questions about selling quickly or anything else pertaining to real estate, give me a call. I’d be thrilled to meet with you and discuss the features of your property. I’m here to help with all of your buying and selling needs!