Bring your home up to date with these 11 easy, inexpensive home updates.

Here are 11 simple, inexpensive upgrades that can transform your outdated home into a modern, beautiful property buyers will love:

1. Declutter and clean. This will always be well-received by all buyers.

2. Enlarge your house number. Make sure as buyers approach they can see the numbers and find the home easily.

3. Have great curb appeal. Make a wonderful first impression. As buyers drive up to your house, within five to 10 seconds, they’ll decide either consciously or unconsciously whether it’s for them or not. Make that first impression excellent by having curb appeal.

4. Upgrade old lighting. If you have old fixtures or lamps, freshen it up with new ones.

5. Install new outlet covers and switch plates.

“Make these simple improvements to wow buyers during showings.”

6. Remove dated window and wall treatments.

7. Add mirrors. The more mirrors the better; they add light by reflecting it and make spaces feel larger.

8. Update hardware. Doorknobs and hinges are an easy upgrade in any room.

9. Refresh kitchen and backsplash. This will dress up the kitchen and make buyers take notice.

10. Replaced dated or mismatched appliances. No one wants to buy a house with old appliances, so ensure the new ones match.

11. Paint the house with neutral colors. Spend as much money as you can afford when painting the house. Fresh, neutral paint is crucial.

If you have questions about these simple spruces or any other real estate matter, call or email me. Remember: Mi casa es su casa!